Welcome to eBiddaloy

eBiddaloy delivers a personalized, face-to-face online tutoring experience for students of Classes 3 to 12, across subjects Mathematics, English, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Bangla, Arabic, and ICT. We, eBiddaloy also deliver professional courses on IT & Computer Courses, Arabic, Bengali, IELTS, and Spoken English. It is basically designed to improve the students inner potentials so that they could execute their core talents in the expected fields. This programme assists to enrich students core capabilities in order to achieve their best ever performance.

At eBiddaloy, we believe that learning is a life long endeavour.

Our Vision:

Equal opportunity for all students to receive the skills needed to thrive. Also,to accelerate the power of knowledge in every child and unfold it to reach the desired education level.

Our Mission:

Just like a lotus flower that begins its journey from the bottom of a muddy, murky pool, slowly emerges toward the surface and then bursting out of the water into a beautiful flower. eBiddaloy is determined to assist students to penetrate through any hard soils of academic trials. We seek to unlock every student’s maximum academic potential by nurturing every child’s learning abilities into a success no matter how murky the child’s academic struggles. We are committed to strengthen the roots of the child. We pay sincere attention and importance on every aspects of the students so that he/she could lead life parallely with real world be it academic or professional with ease.

Our Advisors