eBiddaloys aim and focus is to enhance the skills of our loving kids by teaching them English the proper way. Through this course, they will learn the methods, tricks, and correct art of pronunciation in a way that will help them overcome their fear of speaking English fluently. We hope to work collaboratively for the betterment of our young students and future leader.

About Course

Any student who is between 6-13 years of age can join. This course is an outstanding way to help your adorable child's English learning needs.

Course Outline

1. Introducing Themselves   
2. Correct Pronunciation of Words
3. Constructing Sentences
4. Proper Grammar Lessons   
5. Forming Conversations

1. Conversations with Teacher
2. Reading Conversations from the Shown Slide
3. Proper Accent and Tone   
4. Reciting English Poems   
5. Speaking English animated videos to understand dialogues better

1. Conversation with Another Friend
2. Advanced Conversation Learning with Teacher
3. Tongue Twisters (She sells sea shells at the sea shore)
4. ESL (English as a Spoken Language) Worksheet Solving
5. Spoken English Quiz - 1

1. Reciting Advanced Poems
2. Spoken English through games such as Pictionary, Jumble Word Solving
3. Group Activities
4. Story Telling (Presentation)   
5. Spoken English Quiz – 2