The aim of secondary education is to make the learners fit for entry into higher education by flourishing their talents and prospects with a view to building the nation. To make the learners skilled and competent citizens of the country based on the economic, social, cultural, and environmental settings is also important issue of secondary education.

Mathematics plays an important role in developing scientific knowledge at this time of the 21st century. Not only that, the application of mathematics has increased in family and social life including personal life. With all these things under consideration, Mathematics has been presented easily and nicely at the secondary level to make it useful and delightful to the learners.


About Course

Mathematics requires concentration and dedication. Students should have been passed class 5. This course is doable for classes 06-12. We are following National Curriculum and Text Board (NCTB) syllabus. Our Mathematics syllabus aims to enable all students to acquire mathematical concepts and skills for continuous learning in mathematics and to support. Learning in other subjects.

Course Outline